my very own christmas pickle...

Today at M.O.M.S. we had our annual treat exchange and pickle drawing! I had decided that this year if I didn't win said pickle, I was going to go get myself one. Let me explain a little about the pickle. There is a German tradition where you hide a glass pickle on your tree. Every time someone finds the pickle, they re-hide it somewhere else on the tree. The person that finds it on Christmas morning gets an extra gift. Pastor Carol does a drawing every year for about five glass pickles. Last year it was a no go for me, but this year, I won! My little pickle is now on a branch of my tree looking very nice and pickley.

I'm in the Christmas spirit and so I think I will go work on presents with Jenna. I love my Jenna!

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The Artist said...

Hey... guess what... I love your Jenna too. She makes me smile.