i can't sleep... argh...

Tonight I can't sleep. Jenna has been sick, and I am exhausted... but still... no sleep for me. Josh is in McCall, so I am at our house with the baby, Merlin, Shakespeare and Mozart. They are all good company, but they are still not Joshypoo.

Right now I am pirating internet from someone that didn't protect their network. It is really kind of silly to not have a password when they are so easy to set up but oh well, better for me. Besides, I like being sneaky.

Tomorrow Josh comes down for good. I am so excited! We are done in McCall and now we can just live our lives. Josh, Jenna, and me.

Random fact of the day: Pedialyte is overpriced!

I would like to sleep now... so I'm going to attempt it.

Attempt failed.

School starts soon. Woot woot. I guess that means I should try to get excited about it. I am excited to have a reason to be forced to read again. I spent too much of the summer not reading because I had things that I should really be doing instead. Oooh! I have like a week to read the Satanic Verses or something of the like. It is my goal to scare the freshman in my intro level English classes when the profs ask what I read this summer. I know... I'm a nerdy stinker... heehee

sleep time now!

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