one long week...

This week has been uncomfortably long. Work has been dragging by because Josh and I want to be back at our house so bad, and Jenna has been sick. Today we went into work, but my mom called to tell me that Jenna was still not doing well so I made a dr. appointment for Jenna at 9:45 tomorrow morning. All this means that I had to get the day off of work and had to work things out so that Jennie could go down with me. Then I was told that they also gave me Friday off to take care of Jenna and that they found someone to cover my shifts next week so I don't have to come back up without Josh. This is all such an amazing blessing that I don't even know how to put into words how excited I am. I now have time to settle in before school starts and to find the rest of Jenna's childcare!

Josh and I are having a party at our place this weekend. It's going to be nice to see people and hang out after such a stressful week. Especially for Josh. Poor Josh. He's now stuck at work without me for the next three days.

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Rhett said...

I miss you guys. And think that once you've had your house warming party... you should come visit me :(