a couple of lists...

I am:
-up too late
-feeling completely overwhelmed
-entirely too emotional
-realizing that my current issues are all a product of the first item on this list
-feeling alone
-missing people that it doesn't help to miss

I am not:
-joining a cult
-eating gummy bears
-practicing proper sentence structures
-able to come up with an awesome new story line
-bungee jumping
-dodging bullets
-swimming across the English Channel
-lobbying... for anything
-fishing for carp

Right now I want:
-a good cry
-to snuggle up in front of a fire with a book and some tea
-a paper to write
-classes to attend
-to find meaning
-a trip to McCall

Tomorrow I want:
-happy kids
-time to knit
-time to smile
-people to like the comic

I'm thinking about:
-my sister
-crunching on ice
-the fact that cops find my car suspicious and will follow it for miles
-my freezing cold room

1 comment:

Meagan said...

I like the comic. And cephalopods. And you. :)