no... just, no...

I am not pregnant. Nor should it be assumed that because I am married and have two kids that good news automatically means that I am. You know, I have a life, and a rather good one, outside of my kids. There are also a whole plethora of other things I enjoy doing or that I would love to have happen that I would scream from the rooftops as good news.

Here is a list of things I would be excited about:
1: Being a published author.
2: Having a super popular web comic.
3: Making a decent amount off of my crochet projects.
4: Finding a new place to live.
5: Finding out good news about one of my friends.
6: Getting to go yarn shopping.
7: Driving again.

Here is a list of things I would not be excited about:
1: Finding out I was pregnant.
2: Waking up and having to shovel snow.
3: Falling off of a ladder.
4: Spending more time cooped up in my house with the inability to leave.
5: Cleaning the office.

Okay. I hope that clears a few things up for people. I know I feel better after a good long rant.

The end.


Jennifer said...

Wait, I heard you were pregnant! Congratulations!!

...just kidding. I couldn't resist. Forgive me! :D

Charlie Ann said...

Heee... I like my theory of chocolate. But then again...this is pretty super exciting news.