also, bring on the guild season three...

Why did I pick my DS up again? I had made such a clean break... drat. Technology currently in my pockets: DS, iPod, hard drive, phone... my mini is in my room currently, but it will soon be safely in my bag and ready to go to Boise. (When this event occurs, I will transfer aforementioned technology to said bag.) I'm currently waiting for the WoW servers to come back up. I was hoping to get in my dailies while the kids are napping. Not looking too promising. I am currently trying to stop myself from buying a Kindle... but it's just so shiny! I was hoping the new gen would have a color/back light option... maybe I can wait one more gen. Also on my wtb list: Diablo and the original Warcraft games.

Blast! I really want a Kindle!

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The Artist said...

Um... so that Kindle add says "Wireless reading just got bigger." Hasn't reading been wireless since... well, reading started? And would it getting bigger make it pointless to stop carrying books? I'm just saying.