memories and good times...

Last night Josh and I went to see Twilight with our friends Nathan and Lisa. We had so much fun! I think we all enjoyed it. I know I did. I was really expecting to hate it from the way everyone was talking, but I think for the budget they had they did a really good job. Although, the guy that played Edward was much more attractive in Harry Potter.

Today Josh and I decorated for Christmas. It was so great to put up decorations... Last year we didn't do any decorating because we went to Rhode Island to see Reid and Jessica for a couple of weeks. It was so much fun to get out of Idaho and spend the holiday with good friends. I was thinking today about last Christmas and getting to do so many new and exciting things. It was fun to experience the unfamiliar, but I am excited to spend this Christmas in my own home with my wonderful family.

I was also thinking further back to another Christmas. Junior year to be exact. My junior year my wonderful roommates and I got into a bit of a decorating war with Josh and his roommates. The boys ended up winning, but the truth is we were robbed. We girls really deserved it, but the boys were a novelty act and so they got the grand prize. Today I put up a wreath in my living room that we made for our room back then. We made these pretty sweet ornaments for it out of canning jar lids and pictures out of the Boise weekly. I put them up too. It was so much fun watching Jenna look at the pictures and help me put them on the wreath. It was so much fun to bring the memories of my roommates in college together with new memories of getting ready for Christmas with my daughter.

Tonight I had a Pampered Chef party. My friend Christine is a consultant, and she does a wonderful job! It was fun to get to see friends, old and newer, and get to relax and have a good time for an evening. My friend Annie that I've known since way back in the day when I was just a little booger and living in McCall was here with her husband and daughter. I had not ever met either Frank or Dawn and it was really cool to be able to get to know them a little bit. Frank is an amazingly nice guy, and Dawn is such a sweet little girl!

I'm really looking forward to the holidays this year. I love having all of the decorations up in the house and having all of the ambient lighting from the Christmas lights. It is homey and comforting. I've had a good weekend of old and new memories, and I'm really looking forward to making more as I'm sure I will in the next few weeks.

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