because we're Nazarene...

So, I know that we're Nazarene and that because of this everyone knows everything about everyone in just a matter of moments after any sort of event or happening. I love that this means that there is prayer and support when it is needed, but I hate how things can get skewed and changed over the course of people being informed. Therefore, I wanted to write this so that no one was misinformed.

Cole had his circumcision yesterday. He was bleeding a lot which is a common risk, but the doctor said that if he didn't stop we needed to bring him in again. We ended up in the E.R. for a little while last night, but the doctor sent us home after putting a pressure dressing on him. This morning he was still bleeding, so we went back in to see our doctor. She was mildly concerned and after examining him she needed to put in seven stitches. However, she was still concerned about the amount of bleeding that had happened, and she decided to test Cole for a bleeding disorder. His first set of tests came back slightly irregular, and so she is running a few more tests that we'll get the results for in a few days. There is still a good chance that there is nothing wrong with him, and even if there is something wrong, most of these disorders are very treatable.

We appreciate any prayer, but we also appreciate people staying calm about this. I'm very high stress anyway, and so the more that other people freak out, the more I freak out. We'll keep everyone informed about things as we find out what is going on. Thanks to everyone that has already expressed concern and offered prayer.

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Krista Rose said...

Am praying! I'm sure that little Cole will be fine. You know, as a kid, Ashley always had terrible terrible nose bleeds, and fixing it was as simple as giving her some extra vitamin K. Anyway, all I'm saying is, I'm sure everything will be fine, and I'm out here not freaking out for you. :)