oy vey...

It was a very long but fun and rewarding day...

Today, after a very long night, we got up and played before getting ready for swimming lessons. We were running a little late, and so Jennie came over to help us get ready to go and then she went with us to watch. Jenna did so well! I was very proud of my little kiddo. She is usually so scared of the water, but by the end of our half hour she was having a blast. She would "kick, kick, kick" and let her body float. She even let go of me so that she could hold on to toys and splash!

After lessons we went and got lunch. We took the lunch home and put Jenna down for a much needed nap. By the time that I finished eating, it was time to shower and get ready for my massage. Talk about an amazing way to spend an hour! I was so relaxed by the end that I just wanted to go home and go to bed! Unfortunately I had to go to the store to buy milk and a few other things and so a nap was not in my future.

After shopping Jenna was ready for bed... I changed her and got her ready, but I let my sister lay her down. I held my breath after she shut the door, and after a small cry of protest all was quiet! Thank goodness... I really don't think I could have handled another night like last night.

I'm very excited for tomorrow. I really can't wait to get Jenna in the pool again! I'm also excited to go to my next doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon and see how baby is developing and to hear its heartbeat and know it is doing well.

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Krista Rose said...

It's so funny to think of little Jenna "swimming"! She's soo tiny! hehe!
Anyway, I hope you have a great Dr appt!