dust in the wind...

Lately the weather here has been very windy. Normally I enjoy the wind; however, during this time of the year, wind means pollen and dust in the air. Due to the fact that pollen and dust constitute 99.9 percent of my allergies, I am ready for the wind to stop and the dust to settle.

Meanwhile, my family is finally all well! It is so nice. We are all perfectly healthy and able to function normally again. It is nice to see Jenna back to her normal self, but I forgot how busy she can be when she is not sick.

Tomorrow I have my next doctors appointment. It isn't really an exciting one, but they always check the heartbeat and that is my favorite part. I love hearing my little babies heart beating and healthy. There really isn't a more comforting sound in all the world. I am starting to feel very pregnant, and the bigger my belly gets the more nervous I get that this baby is going to be as big as Jenna. I have been doing a lot of reading about c-sections (something I probably shouldn't be doing right now) and I really don't want to have to have one. The concept of abdominal surgery scares me more than just a little. After having my appendectomy when I was younger, I can remember being in constant pain. I can also remember feeling helpless and unable to take care of myself. I really don't want to go through that again.

It is coming up on the last couple of weeks of school. Josh is excited to be done teaching, but I am stressed. I have so much homework to get done in the next couple of days. I really hope that I can finish things without losing too much sleep.

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The Artist said...

Now granted I'm not a doctor by any means nor do I understand either pain... but I can say that while reading about c-sections and being worried about the pain and what not, let me remind you about the tearing and stitching that happened with the munchkin. This is not to convince you either way but simply to put it all in a comparative light. Miss you guys.