The education department at NNU makes me so angry that I can hardly function sometimes. Some of their tactics seem to be on the verge of emotional abuse and bribery. The dangle their degrees in front of their students saying, "If you do everything we say, and devote your life solely to us we might let you graduate. Maybe." They invade lives and homes and do not allow those attending their classes to forget them even long enough to get a good nights sleep. On the list of tyrannical powers and dictatorships, it seems that those teaching in the education department reign supreme. Do they even realize the lives that they are permanently affecting in negative ways? Do they know the number of their past students that still feel pain when you mention them? Can they even fathom the problems that they cause in families and that they force on those that they should be nurturing and teaching to teach? My plea to them? Stop ruining the lives of those attempting to become the future teachers of our children. Stop invading their minds and causing them permanent emotional damage. Stop making some of the finest teachers in your department feel so inadequate that they no longer wish to teach. Just stop!

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