my list...

Things to do before tomorrow:
-Write history paper
-Create powerpoint for Reg

Things to do before Friday:
-Clean living room
-Clean dining room
-Clean kitchen

Things to do before Monday:
-Study for finals!
-E-mail Jessica and Sheena
-Call Joanna!

Things to get done before next Friday:
-Wash and put away clothes
-Clean all rooms in house
-Finish Christmas presents
-Mail Christmas cards
-Make invitations for Jenna's birthday
-Finish planning Jenna's birthday
-Finish registering for next semester

What am I missing? I know I'm missing something... You know what would be fantastic? If someone could figure out how to give me more time during the day. Right now I'm just not sure how I'm going to get all of this done! I can't believe that I leave in a week and a half... I'm SO not ready!!!

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Reid said...

Yikes, sounds crazy. Hope it all works out you guys can actually leave...to visit us. We are both so excited for your visit! By the way...do you think I could get "invited" to view Jenna's blog. I made one a little while ago too, if you guys are interested: http://reidsandros.blogspot.com

Hope you survive the end of the semester.