if this keeps up, we're never leaving...

I'm sick. Again. My nose is running, my lungs are wheezing, my head is throbbing, and every time I cough I feel like something in my throat is ripping. I have used up more tissue in one day than any normal household should use in a week, and my nose is screaming its disapproval. However, worse than being sick is knowing that I do not have time to be sitting in my recliner just getting better. I have papers to write, books to read, finals to study for, rooms to clean, clothes to wash, bags to pack, invitations to make, parties to plan, and Christmas presents to finish. I'm running out of energy, and I cannot take drugs. Drugs make me sleepy, and the last thing I need is to be more sleepy! Oh, dear. I think the only logical thing to do is ban Josh from the house, thus leaving he and the germs that he keeps bringing home from school out in the cold and far away from my overly stressed and under-prepared immune system.

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