cough... cough...

The smoke in McCall right now is unbearable. It is so bad that it looks completely cloudy even though it isn't. We can't take our kids outside because it would be bad for them and us... even though some teachers don't care and are still frolicking about without a care.

Tomorrow 17 is back. The nice thing is that Josh and I now have classes that we can take out together and I don't really have to see her.

It's ocean week this week. One of the directors and I came up with an amazing idea for Wednesday. We have more kids than any other day on that day, so we are going to watch Finding Nemo and make little clear blue Jello cups with gummy fish in them. The kids should like the special treat I think.

I have a sunburn right now from Roaring Springs, but Josh's is worse... somehow that helps ease the pain.

Ooh... and Sunday was our anniversary! Woot!

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