and another one bites the dust...

Work is not so much fun today. I'm completely distracted by the fact that I would rather be in Nampa than here. When did that happen? I love to visit McCall, and living here for the summer should be a dream come true. However, I find myself waking up each day and inking out a box on my mental calendar. "One day down, three more to go... One day down, five more to go..." Whatever. I go home exhausted and ready for bed with barely enough energy to play with my sweet daughter. I work with Josh, but I barely ever see him. He has his room, and I have mine, and we are both so busy and tired each day that we don't spend a whole lot of time with each other. Oh well, as soon as today is done... to Nampa we go!


I thought that 17 (what I will refer to the mean little girl as from now on) wasn't coming in to work today... but she is. God give me strength and a quiet tongue! We'll see how it goes, but I'm not holding my breath for good results. Ugh.

Afterthought after the afterthought:

Josh and I went to Jennie's life group with her last night. It was refreshing. It was so nice to hang out with people our age with more to do with their lives than create drama. Adults totally rock my world... grrr... I'm getting so old!

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