oh, the summer is gone...

Getting ready to flee this city to a different city. It seems like forever since the last time that Lola and I ran away for a hastily planned trip. It's super exciting, and I can't wait! It's funny, I always plan these escapes ready to get away for a bit, but when it comes right down to it, I dread leaving my kids. I'm going to miss them. They, will probably not miss me. They will be very busy and having a very good time.

Life has been so busy this summer that I've forgotten most of it. It almost feels like we didn't do anything, but the truth is, we were so busy that I barely had time to think.

The comic is going well. I'm enjoying it and am starting to feel the characters take on their own personalities. It's funny how that happens. It's like they exist outside of me, even though I created them. They have full control of where the scripts go now.

My latest trial has been trying to stay grounded. I know what I believe and how I want to view the world and how I want the world to view me. I get frustrated when I catch myself thinking negatively or living in the past. I also get frustrated when those little nagging comments start to come to the surface again. I know there are people out there that think they could do better than I am doing with my life. (I say "I know" because they tell me.) Honestly, I'm sure that by their standards, they could. The problem is that I am happy with how I have chosen to live and with the general direction my life is going. It's true that I make mistakes, but I just can't regret any of them. Why regret things? Why spend so much time feeling down on yourself that you forget how to be happy? Forget how to smile? I just don't get it. I'm continuing on quest to not judge those around me and to forgive, but sometimes, people just make it hard. Seriously, ridiculously, hard.

I should think about sleeping now. Lots to get done before I leave tomorrow! (Well, technically today.)

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Jenn the Indomitable said...

1) Cole looks SO MUCH like Josh. What a cutie!

2) I used to really freak out and feel like I have to defend myself to other people, but, you know what? I'm a really judgy person (it's bad! I know) and I tend to be all "bitch bitch bitch" but then just as quickly my opinion can be reversed in someone's favor! So I assumed the same was true for everyone else! So that solved the majority of that worry.

3) What we do with our lives is between our spouses, ourselves, and GOD. And no one else.

4) You are lovely. x