not as profound as it should be...

Post 200 should be more than this is going to be.

There has been a serious gap in blogs for me. There is really no good reason for this. The idea of Twitter and micro-blogging, as one friend put it, has taken over my life.

Today the sky is blue, which is almost a good thing, but I had been enjoying the clouds as long as they brought rain and not snow. It is funny, I did not grow up on the coast but whenever it gets rainy and misty and beautiful, I almost feel like I am home. My brain goes straight to the Oregon coast and I feel comfort. Strange.

It seems that I should take a moment to curse allergies since they have been driving me crazy. Stupid allergies. Stupid plugged up nose and itchy eyes. Stupid flowers and trees producing pollen. Bah.

I have no plans for the day. Well, I am supposed to work later, but I might see if I can get a sub due to aforementioned allergies. Other than that, I have no plans. I should probably make some, but I don't want to. Some days going without structure is refreshing.


brandilion said...

Boo to Allergies, Amen to mist and cloudy skies, Gratz on 200!

Meagan said...

Come visit anytime... I'm only 50 miles from the coast. ;)