you like me, you really like me...

My friend Katie asked me to rant. So, she is directly responsible for this blog. (heehee)

It has been a while since I have talked about my little friend that lives inside my head and comes to visit me when I have time. Mostly, this is because I haven't had time for her lately. I feel bad, and it probably will not be long before I visit with her again. I was having visions and hallucinations about her life tonight driving home in the fog (safe, I know) and so I have some things that I can add to her story now.

My crafting gene has come out and started to demand some attention. I am going to try to do some cleaning so that I can do something fun. I'm not sure yet if this will be a scrapbooking project, a crocheting project, one of many others. I need to express myself creatively soon though. Maybe I'll get really ambitious and start some sort of a project with Jenna.

A little part of my brain has been telling me lately that I need to learn how to stop being both passive aggressive and type A before I give myself a coronary. I guess I'll work on that in my spare time. Maybe after I manage to potty train Jenna. Maybe not. It might be better for everyone if I continue to bottle for a while before I start some sort of mass conflict and then perch myself in Canada to watch the anarchy that would most likely ensue.

And finally, a limerick.

There once was a lamp with some style,
Who wanted to go see the Nile.
As much as it tried,
To the wall it was tied,
So it cried and it cried for a while.

(not my best work... ah well.)


katieanne said...

I loved the limerick! It cracked me up. Thanks for the rant- you are too much fun to read!

bekah said...

I just wanted to agree with the title of your post: I like you, I really like you :)

And I agree with your comment--we should have a game night with you and Josh! That would be really fun...You know, when semester grades aren't due :S