for all the squirrels I've loved before...

I actually hate squirrels. Squirrels are creepy little creatures that I am quite suspicious of. I think they are plotting something big. Just look in their beady little eyes! It is obvious that they don't like us and that someday they are going to do something about that.

On another note, I am irrevocably and undeniably turning into a NOT so closet nerd. Evidence? Yes. And that is all I'm going to say about that.

I've noticed recently that I am scared of rejection even more so than I thought. Boo... I thought I was getting more confident, but apparently not.

Finally: Preschool shows are going to DRIVE ME CRAZY! Well, at least most of them. Some of them are kind of cute. Jenna is really into Handy Manny right now. In fact, she flips out when she sees him. I think she kind of has a crush on him.


Andrea said...

I agree on the nerdum...maybe we can come out together and keep each other strong?

Heidi said...

hee hee... jenna with a crush?