yesterday, my trubbles seemed so far away...

Yesterday was our anniversary! We actually almost forgot about it... With Cailin being here on Monday and half of Tuesday and then the whole baby thing going on it was an honest mistake to make. It was kind of funny to us though that we both forgot and that it was only our second anniversary and we were already having trouble remembering such a big day. We ended up going to Taco Bell and then going for a fun drive.

Today we are going to replace some light fixtures for my grandma and then we have some stuff to do around the house. I really want to get the suitcase packed and make sure everything is ready for the new baby to come home.

Tomorrow we have our ultrasound at 11:30. YAY! I'm so excited to hear what the doctor has to say and I'm praying it is, "Let's go ahead and induce you tomorrow..." In between our ultrasound and our doctor's appointment we are going to go do some dropping off of some applications for Josh. It should be a busy but hopefully good day.

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Meagan said...

Happy anniversary!