if I could only escape my brain for a few minutes...

Last night I had terrible dreams. After making the decision to have the c-section yesterday I did what any ex English major would do and I came home to read anything I could get my hands on about them. I read things online and in books and in magazines. The problem? It seems like most things about c-sections are about the risks and complications. All night long I had all of these dreams about things going wrong and happening to the baby. I woke up feeling entirely guilty. I'm having the c-section to avoid complications to me, but what about the baby? It seems like a few extra weeks of healing time is nothing compared to a lifetime of food allergies and breathing problems. One of my biggest flaws is that I tend to over think things. I make a decision, and then I spend the next few hours or days convincing myself that the decision I made should be tweaked in some way. This is great when shopping... it causes me to avoid many unnecessary purchases. However, when it comes to real life, big dilemmas it is a problem. I keep having to stop myself from picking up the phone and canceling the surgery... I guess I'll just have to distract my brain with something else for the next 6 days so I don't do something foolish like that. Or is it really a foolish thing to do in the first place?


Heidi said...

what does your mom think? she's really smart in this area!

Andrea said...

Drew's dad has preformed 1000s of c-sections and they went fine (we even watched him do one in PNG). I know you will be fine. Here is his email (andybennett@reachone.com) he would be a good person to talk to about the good things about a c-section. Also Drew made a good point about reading things about it on the internet he said "It is such a routine thing, that no one thinks about posting the successes. You are just going to find the few bad things."
We both love you guys very much, let us know if we can come and help with anything!

Andrea said...


(This is a good one in that it takes about the risks are much less with planned c-sections
then with emergancy ones)

http://www.hipmama.com/node/23680 (This is a good one about how brith is subjective to each peroson with some really good ones about c-sections or c-births as one woman called them!)

The third one is my favorite! I hope these help to show some of the positive side of c-sections. I know people who have done both and all of the c-section mama and babies are doing great!