curses on the little green pill...

My test results are back! The good news:

1) I don't have Hepatitis... (okay, so I already knew I didn't have it, but the doctors tested me for it... so YAY! I don't have it!)

2) It is also good news that my hemoglobin levels are better... not perfect... but better. I'm not really sure what that means exactly, but my mom says that my body is getting oxygen and glucose. I'm guessing that both of those things are positive.

The bad news: My iron levels are still REALLY low. What does this mean?

1) Increased iron pills... again. I am now up to three times a day. So I will now get to have more hours of upset stomach, eat more fiber, and drink a heck of a lot more water than I was already drinking.

2) The possibility of early labor and so I've been put on limited activity and heat restrictions. ReallIy, neither of these things are that bad... It is too hot to function outside anyway and so it is nice to have an excuse to not go out, and limited activity means more of Josh waiting on me! heehee... The hard part is going to be letting him actually get away with it, and reminding myself that I don't have to push myself too hard and that I don't have to be superwoman.

3) I'm not really supposed to drive if I'm feeling dizzy or my mind is fuzzy. (I can't remember the word she actually said... which is the third time that has happened today...) Ah well, driving isn't 100% necessary I suppose.

I guess that I'm really pleased that I'm going to be okay. At least, that is how it looks right now. They'll recheck my levels next appointment and we'll see how things are looking... hopefully the extra dose of the little green iron pill every day will get my body straightened out...

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Krista Rose said...

oh, ick!!! I'm sorry! You know, there's two kinds of iron, and one doesn't upset tummies as much as the other...but I can't remember which is which right now. You might ask your doc about it. anyway, I hope this fixes itself so you don't have to feel icky all the time!