while Josh is away...

Today I played. I went swimming with Jenna, I took a nap, and then I want to a baseball game with Heidi, Poe, Pete, Kerri, and Amber. It was so fun! The game was a pretty good one, and the Hawks won! After the game there were some pretty amazing fireworks. I was worried that Jenna wouldn't do well with the noise, but she surprised me once again. In fact, she wasn't upset by them at all until all of the kids around us started screaming. Then she cuddled close and put her head on my shoulder. Even then she still kept her eyes on the sky. When the show was over, she pointed at the sky and said, "Where'd they go?" I'm pretty sure that means she enjoyed them.

Josh comes home tomorrow! Although I have had a good time with friends and family while he was gone, I'm still definitely ready for him to be home. It's only a matter of hours now! (Between 13.75 and 17 to be exact...)

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