mom and dad's new house...

Today Josh and I drove to Weiser to see my mom and dad and their new house. On the drive over and back we listened to Eldest, the sequel to Eragon, which was great and made the trip really quick. My parents both seem really happy with the place they are renting, and my mom has already been hard at work making it feel like home. The house itself is great. There is a lot of space and it is really cute. However, what makes the place amazing are the yards. The front yard has amazing trees, and the backyard has a ton of grass. The backyard also has a great climbing tree, a tree that is perfect for a tire swing, and an amazing garden to keep my mom busy in her free time. I think it is going to be a great place for them, and it is going to be nice to have them closer to visit.

My mom starts her new job at the hospital (which is right across the alley from their house) on Monday and I think she is excited. My mom is a great nurse, and I'm glad she is going to be using her talents on more than just family. It is nice having her to take care of me when I need her, but I know there are a lot of people out there that are in much greater need of her love and caring.

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