1. Get over sleep deprivation.
2. Spend some time out in the sunshine.
3. Do some reading for me and not for class.
4. Write something down... anything.
5. Clean up the filth that is my house.
6. Learn how to relax even while in stressful situations.
7. Be more supportive of Josh.
8. Have fun!
9. Feel a sense of accomplishment.
10. Spend more time laughing with Jenna.
11. Purge out the old junk and make decisions about what is really important.


Lola Marie said...

sounds like a plan!

Mama Lois said...
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Mama Lois said...

Very achievable list.
1. Warm milk and relaxation techniques.
10. This will make everything right.
4. You took care of that with the list.
7. Greet him at the door. It does wonders.
8. Turn the music up and dance while doing 5 and 11.
3. Definitely!
With any one of these goals you should feel a sense of accomplishment. Achieve them all and you will be absolutely giddy.

Anonymous said...

mmm... sounds good... I might even like to join you on the sunshine related one... We need to take Jenna to the park.

Love ya,