pretty baby... stinky dog...

Jenna got a bath today. I love how she smells after her bath, like pretty flowers. On the other hand, Charlie needs a bath. She smells like crap, literally.

I've been feeling frustrated with school lately. I got my grades back today and I was extremely frustrated. I had a really good grade in a class that I've had to miss several times due to conflicts with schedules and that I have not tried very hard in. On the other hand, I have a somewhat awful, albeit passing, grade in a class that I have been actually trying in. I do, however, have an A in Civil War which is great because it is by far my favorite class. I suppose that grade is gratifying enough to get me through the rest of the semester... at least I hope it is.

The baby is continuing to be very active. Jenna moved a lot, but I think this baby has her beat. We have our ultrasound on the 19th, and I'm excited to see the little kiddo again. We aren't going to find out what we are having this time, but it will still be pretty nifty to see how big it has gotten. I know it is growing because it is taking up the room that my bladder and stomach used to occupy. This means that I am always looking for the nearest restroom and that I am constant need of a snack.

I'm really glad that the week is almost over. After this week, there is only one more week until spring break! Spring break won't be amazingly relaxing because of No Greater Love at church and working in the nursery, but it will still be a week without school. Thus I tell myself, "You can make it! Only a week and a half left..."


Lola Marie said...

Oh wow... I completely forgot that Spring Break existed! I'm jealous!

And I'm surprised that you guys aren't going to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl... Did you just decide to be surprised this time?

Let's plan something... like, ahead of time... and hopefully nothing happens to prevent us from hanging out. :)

Pete and Kerri said...

Let us know what you are cravin'. I loved feeling the babies move. Enjoy!!!
Love ya