the day was not a complete waste...

Today I felt old. I woke up and went to Minority Voices in American Literature, but then I left early. "Why?" you may ask. Well, today began another year of m.o.m.s. It's true, I go to a group for moms. For some reason, this made me particularly bitter today. I sat and listened to someone say that they used to feel like they didn't belong there; like they weren't a stay at home mom type and that it was only temporary and therefore they didn't really fit in. However, now they felt differently and so on... I realized that I feel the same way that she did. I've always had a problem with identity, and as awful as this may sound, I don't think of myself as a mom. I think of myself as Jenna's mom, but as far as the outside world goes I just want to be Krissy. Well, more specifically Kirssy:
-dragon slayer

I sat and thought for the rest of the group where I was in life. I had told no less than 5 women that I was a full time student at NNU and most of them responded with the shock and awe face and then said something almost identical to, "I could never do that and be a mom. Are you crazy?" I always responded with, "Yep, maybe a little." But here's the thing, I find education very important, and I would never have life another way. What does this mean? Am I crazy? Am I unique in this view? Am I just self-righteous? Should I want to be above all else a wonderful housewife and mother? Should I give up on my desire for education?

My mind is done thinking about this, so I'm going to give it a rest... but seriously... Krissy: mom... Really?


Krista Rose said...

Krissy, Dragon Slayer...

has a nice ring to it...

Rhett said...

No, your only focus in life shouldn't be only "housewife and mom" because that's not where your whole heart is. You are, first off, a fantastic mother. You are amazing with that kid. You are also equally as brilliant. You have a mind that should not go to waste. Educate it. Fill it with as much knowledge as you want. And use that knowledge.

My mom is that same way. The difference, her passion was to be a mom and housewife. However, she is also THE substitute teacher. She is THE Sunday School teacher. She is the most incredibly fun lady most people will ever meet.

You don't have to stop being a dragon slayer to be a mom. As a matter of fact, being a mom makes you a better dragon slayer.

You're the best!

Mama Lois said...

You are a mom, no two ways about it. However, there is nothing wrong with being an educated mom. Just because you are a full time student, or working full time, doesn't mean you aren't still a mom. You will be a better mom because of your education and Jenna will appreciate you a whole bunch. You are interesting, funny and full of great information. Keep learning. It's who you are and I am very proud of you. And I am also proud of the great mom that you are. Love you lots.