first day of school in 17th grade...

Classes today were a little depressing, a little fun, and a little stressful. Depressing because I didn't know very many people. I realized that I had a lot of acquaintances that I wish I had made into friends and that now, apart from a few people like me, I am alone. I really do like class though. I like spending time learning, and I enjoy discussing things that I like to discuss. I also find it a little stressful because I now have a lot more things to do. Homework on top of a daughter and trying to settle into a house and take care of a husband... oh holy hell... I wanted more to do, so I guess I got it.

I get to go to Japanese in an hour. Heidi is in it with me, and if we learn a lot we are going to reward ourselves with a trip to Japan... WOOT!