When I was pregnant, sleep took on whole new meaning. After about 6 months it became more and more difficult to get comfortable and find rest, and by the time I was getting into my 9th month it was common for me to be awake all night. I thought that I was getting good practice for when Jenna would be born and staying awake all night, but the truth is, she sleeps a lot. Sometimes at night she'll go 6 or 8 hours and it is amazing!

It seems like I can't get enough sleep these days, but I also can't get enough of watching my Jenna sleep either (especially when she is taking naps with her daddy). It is the most amazing thing to watch her face change as she dreams and to see her stretch her hands high above her head as she wiggles to find a more comfortable position. She doesn't always want to take a nap... in fact she fights hard to stay awake most of the time. I wish I could tell her to "enjoy it while you can" in a way she could understand, or remind her that as soon as she falls asleep she will enjoy it and wake up feeling so much better. However, I guess learning to like naps is something that we all have to grow into. It is a little sad though that we don't take better advantage of it when we are young and free to sleep as much as we want.
I am going to go take a nap now while Jenna does so that I am rested for the evening. Ah naps... ah sleep! Sweet dreams to me!


Rhett said...

Yeah. It is adorable watching Jenna sleep I agree. And kudos on following suit and bringing all blogging to one site. You rock Princess!

Kevin said...

HA! I finally found it!

For a long time, I've thought Jenna looked like someone I had seen before... then I saw your avatar (of you kissing Jenna's head) and it clicked!

Sir Warrick Harrow!